Monday 20 July 2015

Rule .303

Enough's enough! Just look at this picture from Surbiton, sent to me by "Worried of Wordsworth Avenue". These are typical glue sniffing, trot loving, work shy, fifth columnist, guardian reading, NME letter writing, disloyal, car stealing, labour voting, anti British elements that are rampantly strutting our streets, spitting at World War Two veterans, swearing at your grandmother and molesting your dog.......

 Rick, the People's Poet (2nd from left)
leads his cohorts...and Vyv.

 .......If we don't stand up, be counted and take a stand to say "up yours johnny punk", a tide of bile spewing, pogo dancing, safety pin fondling, unwashed yobs will swarm into the dreaming suburbs and spit upon your aunts goldfish while the poor silver haired dear looks on, clutching her dead budgerigar to her bosom. Do you want that? Does anyone? That's why today, I, you, WE say, "Take this punk scum. We are arresting you under Rule .303, trying you under Rule .303 and putting an end to your anti British, punk rock, Trot evil, under RULE .303!"

Wing Commander (retd) Neville Strappon-Gusset OBE
O/c Surbiton Brigade For Common Sense and Sanity
Amritsar Villa
Wordsworth Avenue



  1. An appeal that should strike to the heart of every right thinking Englishman.

    It could almost described as poetic - if poetry was not the last refuge of the bearded, cricket hating sodomite.

    1. To quote one of the greatest thinkers of our time, "Careful Now"


  2. Doubt they'd read the Guardian - more "Class War" perhaps.......

  3. Nice work- could be any town in the late 70s....



    1. thanks Pete!

      I was hoping for a more detailed interview with the WingCo but he is currently dug in at the 14th on the Surbiton Golf Club with clear fields of fire across the fairway and communication is.....difficult. We do understand that Chairmanperson Comrade Rick is writing a response, in verse, entitled "Jackboot State Jukebox" which will be printed if Vyv doesnt kill him first.