Tuesday 11 January 2011

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders WIP No.1

Argyll & Sutherland Highlander conversions starting to take shape.

The body is one of the new Eureka Miniatures 20mm Internal Security Brits. Thank you Mike! The head comes from the RH Models (Liberation Miniatures) GDR Workers Militia.

I'm going to  build up the collar of the Flak vest and fill any gap at the front with simulated scrim netting. That leaves a prominent ASH badge and ribbons on the back of the Glengarry.

Really pleased with the look so far. I'll have half a dozen completed in the next day or so. Maff is off to Penarth at the end of the month so I'll ask him to pick up another pack or two of Combat Miniatures (Stonewall Figures' ex-Hotspur range) 1970's Internal Security British Army. I'll convert one pack from berets into Glengarry heads for a greater range of poses, and convert the other pack using Green Stuff into a foot patrol wearing Tams.



  1. Another simple but effective conversion.

  2. hi

    just been looking on the Eureka site for these 20mm figures for Internal Security but can't find them, do you have any other details