Tuesday 25 January 2011

RH Models Armed Civilians

I ordered a couple of packs from RH Models' Urban Terror range to increase the variety of armed civilians in my collection for both Winter of '79 and GEEZERS.  With an eye firmly on Britain in 1979-80 I went for the bareheaded pack in each code. Unfortunately, despite being nice figures in their own right, they mostly don't match with my vision of trouble on the streets of late 1970's Britain.

 RH Models Urban Terror: URBPIST

The figure on the left, might just be OK for Winter of 79 / Geezers if I give him a ski mask and change the machine-pistol in his right hand into a sawn-off shotgun. The kneeling figure with a beard supporting his firing arm can be undercover Special Branch or SAS. The right-hand figure would look good painted in denim but needs to lose a pistol and the pistol in his right hand is anachronistically and untypically British, being fired 'gangsta' style, so will need to be returned to the vertical plane.

RH Models Urban Terror: URBAUG

I have to admit, I bought this pack armed with Steyr/Aug rifles with my tongue firmly in my cheek after seeing a posed publicity photo of 'Bodie and Doyle' poncing with them. The two standing figures could almost pass as B&D in squint mode.

RH Models Urban Terror: URBUZI

I had hoped for more from the Uzi armed figures. Firing from the hip or moving with the Uzi clutched to the waist, as typically seen in photos. Whilst the kneeling figure is very good I'm disappointed by all the waving arms. At least the figure on the right will make the basis of a Wolfie Smith conversion.

I'll add a pack of ISRF8A Israelis with Uzi's to my next order from Rolf. Stripped of military kit and given civilian heads, they'll become heavily armed criminals or lightly equipped terrorists/revolutionaries. Even with just wooly hats added in place of their helmets, there's potential as generic 1970's Special Forces, terrorists or Mercs.

In the meantime, I've asked Maff to pick up another pack of Combat Miniatures' (ex-Hotspur) Urban Operations: Plain Clothes Detectives next time he has the opportunity.

Every figure I received from Rolf has been an outstanding casting. No perceptible mould seam, no flash, no worn mould damage, no slippage. All you need to do is clean the bases and off you go!

Whatever your secret is Rolf - please share it with other manufacturers - or at the very least, their contract casting companies! Well done mate, seriously impressed.



  1. What scale are these Mark? I've got a specific 70's-esque project in mind that I involves British resistance fighters...would prefer 20mm, but may have to go 28mm...due to lack of choice...

  2. Winter of 79 is dedicated to 20mm Monty.


  3. I've got to wonder about all the dual-wielding going on in these figs.

  4. Ah, Wolfy Smith - Power to the people!