Sunday, 23 January 2011

Some Thoughts On Professional Terrain

THE PROFESSIONALS have been playing every day on one of the free digi channels, so it would have been remiss of me not to settle back with a beer to undertake some some vital research!

After a fortnight of dedicated research, I came to the conclusion that my entire strategy for collecting buildings and terrain specially for Winter of '79 was completely wrong.

Instead, I should have invested in one big hoos' in the country (probably Barnet or Walthamstow), a disused and ramshackle ex-army transit camp or aerodrome, and finally the interior of a shabby insurance company office Hammersmith or Wembley. LOL!
The big Hoos' seems to be instrumental in every third plot. It's either the lair of a Bond villainesque rich industrialist-banker, crime boss made good, arms dealer, cabinet minister, foreign diplomat OR it's the target location of the attractive 30 something female witness, rich industrialist-banker (and family)/cabinet minister/foreign diplomat to be kidnapped, rich industrialist/turned crime boss/cabinet minister/foreign diplomat (revolutionary leader) to be assassinated.

Of course, if there's some kind of deal, shipment, exchange, kidnapping - that will take place in the disused and ramshackle ex-army transit camp or aerodrome, whilst any investigation, break-in, goods/information theft will take place at the shabby insurance office.

Wherever the final action scene takes place, there has to be a pile of empty cardboard boxes suitable for ploughing a Ford Capri into. Why oh why does no-one make these in OO-1/76th scale? LOL!

Back to the drawing board.........



  1. Mark:

    Are you looking for the empty cardboard boxes or the Ford Capri in 1/76?



  2. Empty cardboard boxes Joe! LOL!


  3. I loved this show and still do.My 17 year neighbour has a mint condition banana yellow capri and Martin shaw hair do to match.

    Cheers Rich.

  4. OK, it's 1/76 not 1/72; but you can get a silver Ford Capri from Oxford Diecast
    -and only £3.75!
    Interesting blog, keep up the good work!