Thursday 20 January 2011

Fastest 'Arvester in the West (Country)

Picked up two useful toy tractor sets today from a discount store in Aberdeen for £1.99 each.

The red tractor with mechanical farming gazzubins will become cover on the farm or maybe a roadblock in a country lane. Who knows, might even be a game objective in it's own right. The green tractor, will become an improvised armoured vehicle with the aid of plastikard, similar to those found in former Yugoslavia.


Hoped to have made a start on this fun little project this evening, but I'm exhausted to be homest due to extra early starts and intense days in the office this week. Anyhoo...the bales were a find on Ebay for a couple of pence and waiting for me when I got home. Notionally they are Britains 1/32nd scale Farmyard products. Hay bales can be large and these don't look too out of scale for the overall effect I'm trying to achieve. Eg, a pile of farm clutter and cover. Conversely OO scale ones can look too small. Incidentally, the figure is a kneeling 20mm 'Charlie G' No.1 from Tony at Platoon 20.



  1. Love the tractor Photo. Reminds me of some photos I took a decade ago when deployed in Croatia of a improvised armored pleasure boat..

  2. That´s something I haven´t seen armoured tractor.