Thursday 13 January 2011

Urban Militia WIP

I admit, this guy is a bit tongue in cheek but somehow it works. Perhaps he's a Tory faithful or Man U. supporter? Seriously, just a throw in generic figure to use up all the spare heads and bodies lying on my cutting mat.

Having said that, mucho potential there for taking on Elheim's 20mm Modern Zombies!  

"Them's nae crazed Zombies Ma!
Them's New Romantics"...
"Well Someone's got t' save t' estate Brian!"

Excuse the copious amounts of Blutack - it's Co-op own brand and not very tacky. I bought it for masking my Sci Fi tanks when spraying on wibbly wobbly camouflage. I batch the figures up before gluing them and adding Greenstuff.  I find using the Blu-tack that I quickly learn how small the amount of putty you need to mix is. It also alows me to act on any last minute inspiration and changes.

My GDR Workers Militia from RH Models gave themselves up for a good cause. The class struggle in 20mm Britain.