Thursday 27 January 2011

S&S models

Chaps there is a thread over on The guild, where Shaun from S&S is taking suggestions and orders for potential new models. When the amount of orders reaches 15 the item goes into production. The Fox and Stalwart are already in pre-production stage.


  1. Yeah, I do wish somebody would go for that LAV-75...I know Mike, not your thing. I have been watching this blog for T2K ideas though.

  2. I wish the folks at S&S would clean up their web presence and come with an actual functioning web store.

    I love their stuff, but I have to pour through half a dozen PDFs to find their whole inventory list and even still that's not all of it.


  3. eli
    sorry about the website, but the simple fact is its is do the website or make the models, as getting someone to do the website would add more to the cost of the models.
    we do now have a new more comprehensive list, so if you would like one, please email me and i will send one asap.
    good news, the fox is finnished, stalwart and abbot sp 75% done and will be finnished soon,
    s&s models

  4. Shaun normally emails his catalogues back within a few hours.

    Keep your eye on his photostream here: