Thursday 13 December 2012

3rd Man in the Kebab House

Linda: "Well, I guess it's getting late. Thank you for such a wonderful evening".

John: "Yes, I enjoyed myself too...., you're right, I have to be available for ops tomorrow...."

Linda: "Ops?"

John:  Leaning forward to finish his drink, responding nonchalantly. "Operation".

Linda: "I, I thought you were an Estate Agent, did I get that wrong? Are you telling me you are some kind of doctor?"

John: Sitting back heavily in his seat and let's out a sigh. No, I....well I guess the cat's out of the bag. I shouldn't really say. Official Secrets and all that....

Linda: "Say what?"

John: "I was warned about this. In the training. Beautiful woman. Lovely evening. Alcohol. But I've had such a great time and you, well, are such a great reason to be alive..... the Kebab House.

Linda: "What about it? Were you involved"

John: Hangs head. "It was rough. God I need to talk to someone. Look this is completely confidential I shouldn't be telling you this and you must promise that you don't tell anyone. But I really need to talk about it with someone who can understand".

Linda: "Yes, Yes...."

John: "My name is not really John. It's a cover. My real name is Simon. I am in the Territorial SAS and well, with the regulars being so stretched with the war in Wales I am called on to do my bit".

Linda: Gasp "Simon"

John/Simon: "We were called in to do the Kebab House job. Did you see it on the Telly? (she nods),The guys in black gear and masks (nods again).  I was the 3rd man in the Kebab House. Maybe you saw me? Flashlight on my right hip. It's my trademark".

Linda: "Oh my God! I didn't realise. Yes. Yes I remember seeing you. My poor thing...... you were so brave. Oh it must have been horrible. Look Simon, perhaps, if you want to and you won't get into trouble, I'll get us a nightcap......"


  1. That guys a walter - I was the third man in the Kebab shop!


  2. No, No, I was the third man, I've still got the Black Nasty to prove it!

  3. So what colour is the boat shed at Hereford then lads?

  4. Opsec, John, Opsec.