Sunday 2 December 2012

Radio Check Over.....

Been plagued by Interweb woes all week. The head of steam we built up imploded out of sheer bloody frustration with Google.

Despite Google and a very intermittent broadband connection, several things have come together this week in unexpected synchronicity which will lead to major developments on the Winter of '79 front in the new year.  

Though plans to concentrate on my finishing my Winter of '79 collection throughout December and the Christmas/New Year break are suddenly at risk, as I've  stumbled upon Gary Cooper in For Whom the Bell Tolls showing on TV. You know, I haven't seen this film in 30 plus years and possibly because I can appreciate it more now, especially their attempts to make uniforms and tanks look as close as possible, it's reviving my Spanish Civil War mojo. But must focus. So semi-serious plans to do a Bastogne mini-campaign from the 16th Dec using Axis&Allies miniatures rules with our 15mm collection have bitten the dust too. Well, maybe. ;-) 

...Still plenty of time till the 16th!

And finally, a big Thank You to everyone who Liebster'ed  us here at Winter of 79


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  1. The internet is a wonderfully strange thing made all the stranger but Google. I am looking to more Winter of 79