Sunday 30 December 2012

The Scottish Play: The Dinner

Vivian McBeath looked her most stunning. She flirted with Banks from the moment he appeared at the door. Over dinner every movement was calculated. Every toss of the head, every coy glance. Good old Vivian he thought. Using everything in your armoury to get your way.

Roddy laid out the full proposal. He began with "Just suppose..." What followed was a long term plan aimed at gaining power within Cawdor and with that, a powerful political hand to play in the formation and running of a newly independent Scotland. 

Vivian sent Roddy to the kitchen to take food and a hot drink out to Bank's man in the car. "John", she took him by the hand and placed the other hand on his thigh. "You are a man of action. I know I can rely on you. I have important friends waiting to help. Together we can make this happen. But Duncan must go."

By the time Roddy had returned. Vivian and Banks were composed and smoking in the lounge. Banks downed his whiskey and began "Well, just supposing of course....." then laid out his operation plan of who, what and when.

Vivian: "And your men?"

Banks: "We've been through a lot together and they are loyal to me. If I'm with you, they will be too. The key to this is Frasier. With the Royals behind us, we have a military power base and even some legitimacy. I'll broker a meeting but you need to win him over, as I'm sure you will" Looking directly at Vivian. "Plus you two have history" motioning towards Roddy. "Given the shit the country's in right now, bringing stability is right up Mac's street."


As they leave, Colin thanked Banks for the scran and got the response "Don't thank me. Thank Viv."

Colin replied: "She's a classy bit of stuff. Real lady..... So, did you get yer knee trembler then boss?"

Banks didn't answer. The unspoken part of the plan was coming together in his head.

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