Monday 3 December 2012

Free Taff Teaser

We're upping the game at Winter of '79. Here are the Free Taff Fly-Halfs, part of a full 15 man team that joined my collection last week from another ardent Winter of '79 fan.

These miniatures are taken from Rolfie's Falklands era SAS types. Perfect as Boathouse Hooligans, Free Taff rebels or auxiliaries of any political colour, as long as it's DPM. Inspired, it's time to wield an X-acto  knife and convert a spare pack of unpainted SAS right from M16s to SLRs and Sterlings.



  1. Enjoying the storyline!

    Whilst wandering the interweb I came across a script from - True Spies - a BBC documentary from 2002

    It might be of interest to those who follow this blog