Friday 28 December 2012

Behind Every Successful Man...

Shares in North Sea Oil leapt today following the announcement that The Cawdor Group, the largest oil and gas company based in Scotland have discovered new oil reserves estimated at 200 million barrels in the Thane Field, located in deep waters to the east of the Shetland Islands.

Roddy McBeath, head of the exploration arm of The Cawdor Group, was appointed to the board upon the announcement of the fresh oil discoveries. Despite setback after setback, Mcbeath maintained faith in the Thane field and despite criticism from within the higher echelons of the Group continued with exploration.....

"Duncan this, Duncan that, that's all I bloody hear from you. You should be Vice Chairman. Hell! You should be Chairman of Cawdor by now! But no, always playing by the bloody rules. Is that what they taught you in the Marines?"

"It's about time you were promoted to the board. Don't you see....Duncan has deliberately kept you down. Look....darling. You are a name now in all the right circles. Duncan is going to ensure you don't upstage him but you know, Scotland is crying out for a leader. Cawdor oil gives Scotland a future, an independent future and someone has to take the helm".

"You still have connections. Friends in the Marines. And you will have many more friends and connections in high places now. The RIGHT kind of friends. People listen to you. Thane has shown you to be a man with guts, prepared to do the right thing and see it through..... Plus, you were decorated in Indonesia. That's got to be worth something". 

"You have to think higher now. Think in political terms, not be content to remain a pawn in petty board room shenanigans...... oh, I know you think I'm a grouch..... I need another drink. Are there any more spirits in the house?"

Returning, glass in hand.....

"Frasier is still in the Marines isn't he? Banks is too, and he's in Arbroath. They're not playing by the rules these days and they are bound to support you. I'll support you. The man I married. The man who was prepared to take risks for what was right. And this darling is right. Right for you, right for US, right for this nation. You are that man......aren't you?"


  1. P.s.

    Not done much over the Christmas break.

    Cut the SLRs from a couple of MJ Falklands figures and gave them separate Sterlings and GPMGs from S&S Models.

    Gave an S&S Sterling to an ex-Hotspur female detective in place of her pistol.

    Gave an SLR to the 'BA' figure from the Elheim A-Team pack (now a fully fledged Punk).

    Started work on some spare Dark Future Punks - these guys had Hannibal Lecter masks. Found the simplest way to make them useable in Winter of '79 is to give them S69 Respirators from Green Stuff.

    Cleaned up a couple of ex-Hotspur SBS ready to give Sterlings.

    Gave a Hotspur armed civvie a classic Del Boy Sheepskin coat and Sterling. He's waiting on a head with flat cap - maybe from a Platoon20 Russian partisan, once they are open for business again after Christmas?


  2. And you've been doing a bit of work on your Scottish Play, too.

    "Is this a haggis I see before me ...?"

    1. Whereas the events in Wales unfolded almost naturally, we've had fun establishing the playbook for a W79 McBeth.

      Originally we looked at New Avengers (Steed, Purdey, Gambit) style scenarios of aspiring Lairds or mad majors, but felt they were too tongue in cheek. Not to say they won't make a limited appearance within the new playbook, but they are not the primary driver for this scenario.

      Expect the 'Scottish Play' to bubble away whilst the Welsh front gears up for some serious military conflict.


    2. This is like being transported back to the best of '70s UK cop/spy/what-if drama shows! Brilliant stuff, Mark!

      All the best

    3. Cheers James!

      The result of watching too much The Professionals during the Christmas Break.