Tuesday 25 December 2012

S&S Models: The Ghost of Christmas Past

Christmas Day. Hooray! Lot's to be thankful for this year. My lovely wife, job, being safe and dry, and keeping Mr Reaper at bay for another year.

The gifts come in secondary to all that, but my very welcome wargames haul this year includes the hefty hardback resource  Seasons in the Sun: The Battle for Britain 1974-79 by acclaimed historian Dominic Sandbrook, and a pair of S&S Models latest 20mm Cold War Scorpion CVR(T) beauties from my father-in-law and Scimitar CVR(T) stocking filler from Heather.

The Scorpion CVR(T) seems fitting, almost comforting given the era covered by the book. Shaun has done a wonderful job and the resin/metal model instantly takes me back to school days. Black blazers, the whiff of Airfix cement, and of course Airfix magazine. A quick nostalgic scan of the net this morning showed that I bought my first Airfix Magazine in 1969. Ouch!

The Airfix Scorpion/Scimitar model was released in 1974 and became one of my favourite Airfix kits despite the fact the rubber tracks were always and still are a bitch to put on the model. The main differences visible in Shaun's model are the stowage bins that were very quickly added to vehicles in the field, but overall it retains the same characteristic Scorpion signature. Classic. Am very pleased.

Well Christmas is about to kick off big time here. Hope you have a great day yourselves.

Cheers, Slainte

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  1. Hope you all had a splendid christmas and I look forward to continue to follow your gaming projects.