Monday, 7 May 2012

Free Taff Headshed - Abergavenny

Not far from the frontline (its a very small town), Abergavenny:

A bit closer to the frontline, Abergavenny
Welsh Voice1: Nawrte, beth sy'n bod yn y Llan?

Not very Welsh Voice: Speak english you sheepsa@@ger, I'm from bloody Newport

Nervous laughter

WV1: Ok, what's going on at the church? Meic?

WV2: We can hold another half hour we can, if the paras don't push, then we'll have a second line over the road. If they push now we're done. We need more men or a bloody diversion, see?

NVWV: We need less sodding paras, thats what we need, boyo

WV1: I know. Butch? Hows your lot?

Valleys accent: The Bargoed Volunteers are holding upper Monmouth road as far as corner - we lost the public toilets. We think, no, we know, the paras are forming up on the bus station.

NVWV: What about that alley parallel to the car park? It's heaving with smoke, we bumped a couple of paras silent like so they still think they got it.

WV1: MANDIAWL! Geth, take your boys and get down the alley, take the spare Bren and the rifle grenades. Get as close as you can and break em up then leg it. Huw, get your two snipers onto the roof of that antique shop - should see the paras from there, as many shots as you can to cover Geth and sod off quick mind when they spot you. Meic, get your boys to hold ; if it gets too tarty, blue flare and bugger off out of it. Huw - see a blue flare and you drop your 2"'s and into the Llan after 10 seconds. Should catch the paras. If you got your heavy stuff sorted nows the time to use it. Iawn? OK?

WV2: Ie

Valleys: Yes Boss. Understood.

NVWV: Yeah.

WV1: Yma o hyd!

All: YMA O HYD!!!!



  1. The fighting is going hard then, I feel like I should be shout Come on the Welsh.

  2. I suddenly feel like singing Men of Harlech...

  3. goood to see this page is active. some good stuff on here too. keep up the work comrade