Wednesday 30 May 2012

Underneath the mango tree....

Turtle Cay and not a commie in sight. Yet.

"Big Dog, this is Hungry Shark Alpha. We are Oscar Mike at the head of the cay. Foxtrot is missing post HALO jump. Moving up over."

The SEALs move up through the mangroves towards the dry ground

“Two Tangos ahead”

“Delta, Echo. Engage

Tango down”

“Tango neutralised”

Delta and Echo move up the fence line while Charlie provides cover and Alpha and Bravo move right to cover the road.

“Tangos at 6 o’clock.”

“Tangos down”

The area seems lousy with Tangos – another three stroll up the road towards the shacks and Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.

“Bravo. I’m compromised.”

“Go loud”

“Target down



“Target down. Cruz, clear that SAW. Target Down. Brad, report.”

“Can do Aaron. Oorah.”

Delta and Echo clear the fence to the back of the Hall and report a door to the rear.

“Clear building. Secure cargoes”

“Go! Go!”

The door splinters……

“Down! DOWN! US NAVY!!”

“No shoot! No Se Nara! Madrediosnocommunista! No Shoot!!”

“Delta, what the HELL?”

“Only a janitor. Empty. Where are the girls? AMERICAN GIRLS?”

“They go. Cars with men”


“Si, to airport. Three days ago. Go home.”

“Aaron, the cargo has gone, it’s a scrub.”

“Negative. Inbound vehicle, militia and a guy in a white suit”

“And that guy’s got a gold AK.”

“All call signs, lets have some radio discipline?


The SEALs prepare an ambush. Cruz spots some “mighty fancy lingerie on that washing line, no cheap stuff. Mr AK aint here on no political business.”


The bodyguards are taken out. Mr AK is taken down.

"This is Big Dog. Await helo extraction of your local cargo. Then route to the Radio Shack; the Rangers are having some........local issues. Big Dog Out"


Terrain, Shacks by Tony, Hall by Hornby, Trees GW & Products for Wargamers, fence ditto. Truck Airfix plastic. Figs Hotspur & Eliehem, Rules CW:83 with added mango.



  1. Nice write up mate! That was a cracker of a game and you've really captured the action 'as it happened'.

    I'll post the Top Malo batrep tomorrow evening.


  2. I love these AAR - they get me through my quiet shifts at work!

  3. Hi Deserter, glad you like them. at least one mission accomplished