Wednesday 16 May 2012


Quick game tonight with Wessex Rangers pushing up Lion Street, Abergavenny, against scratch but increasing resistance by a variety of Free Welsh troops and civilian militia.

A great opportunity to try HELL & UNCIVIL DISORDER by Jim Webster. OK, let's be honest. H&UD simply failed tonight. I'm sure it could work and be a great laugh with a group of gamers, beer, pies and a big table, but limited to my 2x3 urban setup, being gamed over Skype, not this time, not for us.

Don't let me put you off, HELL & UNCIVIL DISORDER is a fantastic alternative to AK47. Which is closer to where it lies in spirit. I find H&UD much more in tune with the character of 3rd world warlord conflict than AK47, but be warned that it's definitely not for the inner treadhead. 

We had a bit of fun during the day playing with H&UDs  'Aggression' descriptors. Making them a bit more in character with Abergavenny in the Winter of '79. Here's what we came up with:

             Aggression:          Valley Speak:             Welsh(?):               
                Sullen    =            Fed up like                 Diserch  
              Truculant  =        Bit of a strop on              Cwcsog                     
             Psychotic  =           Tuned up                     Llidiog

BTW, there was a saying going around Wales at this time in the late seventies, early eighties, "as rough as ten bears", used to express how HARD something/or someone was. Eg "Wouldn't pick a fight with him, he's as rough as ten bears"

This saying seems very apt given the emerging prowess of "Butch", our Free Taff leader in 1979 Abergavenny. It's a neat period colloquialism to import into the game for characters/heroes to replace the 'Bottle', 'Guts', 'Elan' etc.labels given to combat/experience factors from our favourite rules, eg "Rough as 7 Bears", "8 Bears", "9 Bears". 

Time to hit the party pack of Carling Black Label I think.



  1. Mark
    You have me intrigued, but how do you get your hands on a copy of H&UD?

  2. I think Mark bought it "back in the day" and then filed it in his nuclear blast proof wargaming study.

    Its a departure as a set of rules - I was a bit dubious given my bitter experience with "Hell by Daylight" aka "Hell by sliderule". Despite Mark's assurances I expected a base 55% chance plus an motivation bonus (if I could activate my leader)and then to adjust by N factors at X% each where X = 1-2%. Roll the dice....Oh, they dont even shooootzzzzzzzsnore. Oh, where was I?

    Anyway, the rules are a bit of a laugh - I dont think the post colonial troop types quite convert across to UK c1979 but.....but.....the system was quite slick and the basic engine seemed to work. I was suprised my sullen FT militia held up, then again Marks Wessex seemed nigh invincible until my Taff SAS/SBS renegades closed in.



  3. Maff's not wrong. The Winter of '79 bunker holds many such curios of wargaming lore....

    Those SAS/SBS were renegade ex-Hotspur figs - but otherwise just determined Free Taff who were "rough as ten bears".

    In the cold morning light of day, we went back over H&UD today via text and had a laugh giving it some Winter of '79 flavour.

    Just watching Top of the Pops: 1977 on BBC Four - thank god for 1979!


  4. I'd really, really really like to see a copy of H&UD given my '70s alternative timeline is set in Angola...

  5. Agree John.
    After my Falklands focus this year, I'm planning to head back to Africa next year for the post colonial pguess, and this sounds most promising from other comments around the place.
    My google-fu fails to locate anything, although it did introduce me to couple more yahoo groups I hadn't seen.
    Just have to keep eyes open I guess.

  6. Hi Guys

    H&UD was by Anschluss Publishing if that helps your search. H&UD is a good alternative to AK47 and there are elements that can be imported into AK47 to enhance the fun and characterisation and effect of the political leaders on the tabletop.

    For Angola, in the same vein as H&UD, I would suggest Hell & Fateful Decisions instead. A company/battalion set of modern rules also by Jim Webster that are a mix of Cold War Commander meets AK47.

    Hell and Fateful Decisions includes a section called 'Kalashnikov Tribal' - essentially a mini game that would become the core combat rules in H&UD.

    Both H&UD can best be described as 'back of a fag packet' wargame rules. An anthology of ideas and mini systems strung together by a common thread, not all of which you will use in a game and best played when everyone is 'in on the joke'.


  7. Maff has gone one further and emailed the secretary of the SOTCW to see if he could relay a query re availability of H&UD to Jim Webster on behalf of those of you who may be interested.


    1. Mark and Maff
      Really appreciate your assistance with this.
      Much more than I could have asked for.

  8. Maff
    very much obliged to you for chasing this up.

  9. Thanks, much appreciated. This is the beauty of the internet...