Monday 21 May 2012

Good Morning Minister

"Indeed. One hotbed of welsh dissent put down eh Nigel"


"and a few towns sounding shaky to judge by the GCHQ feed"

"Mmmmm. Answer me this minister. who have we fought?"

"Johnny Taff volunteers, TA. some guard survivors. Rabble."

"Exactly Minister. Now ask yourself, where are the Fusileers, the Welsh regiments,
the bloody Marines??'"

"Molesting sheep in Cardigan probably"

"I do hope you're right minister"

Teletype springs into life.....TapaTapaTapa.......TapaTapaTapa.......

"Sir. Urgent flash from D Int. Big flap in Wales."

"Read it Nigel. Read it man!"

"Mmmmm...... Oh Bloody bloody hell. Minister, it seems that Battlegroup South, heading for Pontypool have been hit by a battalion level ambush. Heavy losses. Fighting has erupted on the routes of Battlegroup Centre and North. Opposition is described as regular with good artillery support. Even those wretched missing Abbots have come out to play. Fight and run, fight and run, then they drop kick us in the balls"

"I do believe the bloody Welsh have had a plan all the bloody time, Nigel. This is going to be a long war"

"Yes, Minister".


  1. Nice one. Did Sir Nigel ever utter even a mild profanity like 'bloody'? It is an 'alternative timeline though eh? When are a gang of Sterling toting punks going to turn up is what I want to know...and how did you do that wonderful Ospery cover? This just gets better and better...

    1. Hi John.

      Thanks. LOL! The spoof Campaign Series cover was knocked up in 5 minutes (it shows) using Paint.Net a freebie on the web. More on the way.

      re Punks. They are on the way! Official!


  2. Men of Harlech, stop your dreaming
    Can't you see the spearpoints gleaming
    And the warrior pennants streaming
    to this battlefield?

    Hurray for Johnny Taff!

  3. Thanks for the support Mr Womack!