Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Operation Prompt Anger.... Briefing

Dateline......Somewhere in the Caribbean.....

 USS Lynda Carter

As you are aware from the DNI briefing packs, communist agitation in British 
Equatorial Costaguano has led to anarchy and the overthrow of the Prime Minister 
Albert Gosling, who is, was, is a ah, Member of the British Empire.

Briefing Pack Picture 1:
British Equatorial Costaguano

The newly established Communist regime in BEC under the leadership of Leroy 
Wilkins joins Nicaragua, Cuba and the adjacent Republic Libre de Costaguano as a 
clear and present danger to Democracy and our interests in the Caribbean and 
Central America.

The President has therefore authorised Operation PROMPT ANGER. This will be a 
rolling series of covert and overt missions to restore democracy to Costaguano.

SEAL Team Ten. Your mission is to secure US civilians at risk in the current 
anarchy. Specifically the Central College Iowa Girls Volleyball Team who are 
held at the Turtle Cay Community Hall.

 Briefing Pack Picture No.2
 Central College Iowa Girls Volleyball Team

You will be inserted by HALO at sea and swim upriver of Turtle Cay. You will 
then covertly approach the Hall, overwhelm the guards and summon a helicopter to 
evacuate the noncombatants.

Is that clear?


4 hours later: Puerto Prince River
British Equatorial Costaguano 

Operation Prompt Anger is the second of tonight's games
and will follow Top Malo House. Batreps to follow. 


  1. I bet that was the most extensively studied briefing pack in military history. The SEALs must have spent hours in their racks going over it in detail, even taking it to the head or the showers...

  2. LOL! My SEALs remained very much O.M. and distinguished themselves in a challenging operation.

    Fast, furious and fun game. Maff will write it up.