Saturday 18 December 2010

Jon Snow, Reporting From London

"Thousands lined the streets of the capital today to applaud the Government's new 10th Field Force as it passed in review".
"The new formation has been created from the cadres of Regular and Territorial Army units based in the City and Greater London. The parade has been described as the greatest display of military power in the city since the Victory Parade of 1946".
"Despite continued resistance in Brixton, Streatham and Southwark by forces in opposition to the Provisional Government of National Emergency, a 2 mile long column led by the Pipes and Drums of the historic reformed London Scottish, marched past the saluting stand in Pall Mall, where Lord Louis Mountbatten took the salute as head of the Provisional Government". 

"This new force, loyal to the government, is to all intents and purposes a New Model Army.  Hundreds of armoured vehicles, in a striking new urban camouflage scheme demonstrate the resolve of the government to quash opposition once and for all....back to the studio".
"In a televised broadcast following the march past, Lord Mountbatten addressed the nation".......
 "Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. Your government undertakes to do everything in it's power to return peace and unity back to this great country.
There will be no hiding place for those who oppose our nation's traditions of democracy and the rule of law. Whether it be a council estate or suburb, city or quiet country village, there will be no hiding place for the forces of chaos and disorder.
God save the Queen!"


  1. Excellent news report.

    I love little blurbs like this.

  2. That's nice urban camo that is; shame it's no use up here in Mynydd Eppynt.....

  3. I suspect there's a squadron of Sea Kings carrying Royal Marines whopping it's way up there with a land tail of 4 tonners pushing up the M5.


  4. Oh, we'll put the kettle on then - there'll be a welcome in the hillsides etc