Tuesday 21 December 2010

Tales from err, Langley, Shhhh!

"Bob! So, the British situation. Bit of a clusterfuck. What about our bases?"

"The provisional government......"


"Provisional government......"

"That's not how the President see's it. Anyway, our bases?"

"Weeeell,  the British are saying that they can guarantee the sovereignty of our bases. We've beefed up security. Additional troops flown in and established a 50 metre warning zone, with Jeep patrols and behind them a pretty solid tripwire defence of Claymores". 

"50 metres?"

"It gives us room to catch protesters or refugees, without being seen by the British or US media as using unreasonable force. In any case, our real strategic assets, our jewels in the British crown so to speak, are in Scotland and worse case scenario......"

"Worse case scenario?"

"...Is, we withdraw our military presence to Scotland. The US guarantees independence in return for keeping our bases, Holy Loch, Edzell, Machrihanish etc. Fly in a division or two to Prestwick under the cover of a REFORGER exercise...." Could be a real coup for Jimmy!"

"We don't like using the "C" word in this office."


  1. I think they are actualy being pretty nice with the only useing a 50 meter zone.

  2. Time to look out my US marines, might even get them painted.

  3. "We don't like using the "C" word in this office."

    Made me chuckle on a pretty bad day :)

    I've been reading through the blog for a few weeks, and it's good stuff - much kudos!