Monday 20 December 2010

Tales from the Ministry


"Good-oh Rupert do come in. So whats all this about Wales then?"

"Well Nigel, it's gone a bit rag week. Free Welsh Armies setting up shop all over the place".

" I don't know, take your eye off the kettle for one moment........ Do you think they're serious?"

"The names they're giving themselves are pretty serious. If they play as a team and go at it with the same passion as the rugby? We may be in for a stiff time."

"Mmm. What about the Guards?"

"The Welsh Guards? Why, they're guards Nigel!"

"And the Royal Regiment and Welch Fusiliers?"

"If that's the case, we might as well say that every man who laughs at Max Boyce is a turncoat!"

"Jaffa Cake?.........."


  1. "Mae Hen Wlad is being sung in Montgomery. They can hear it in Shrewsbury; they will fear it in London. Welshmen of the English army, follow your hearts, not their orders. Come home, not go to their barracks. Fight beside us, not against us. We have fought their wars, never our own and we shall shock them. This is Radio Free Wales."