Thursday 30 December 2010

New OO Scale Hornby Buildings for 2011

Hornby has announced it's new OO scale Skaledale buildings to be released in 2011, which includes a good mix of useful countryside, urban and industrial models.

There's a new departure in a small selection of unpainted Ready-to-Assemble buildings at £12.75 each. R9645 Bungalow and R9644 two-storey townhouse being of most interest. At first the price seems expensive but they do come in around the same price as Airfix's recently released bombed damaged European houses.

 For urban layouts. there's a number of full and half relief pre-painted cast buildingss - mostly shops but also an Indian Take Away, Baptist Church, Country Garage and the Wheatsheaf Arms pub.

R9562 Wheatsheaf Arms

Hornby have also expanded the number of useful large and medium sized modern industrial buildings available in the form of R9661 Low-Relief Factory, R9659 Industrial Building, R9662 Low-Relief Modern Factory Front and R9658 Workshops.

R9658 Workshops

Individually or together to create an indstrial estate, they are perfect for GEEZERS! "Shut It!" games or a 1979 plus military or post apocalypse skirmish. I can already see R9658 Workshop as a B&Q, Cash & Carry, Council transport depot, Royal Mail distribution centre, bonded warehouse or similar. It can be further augmented for games with Portakabin/s, a gatehouse, diesel tanks, and International Containers from Knightwing to create plnety of variety and cover.

Finally but by no means last, my favourites. A complementary range of derelict farm buildings that are probably the most useful of all the new releases for Winter of '79:

 R9646 Derelict Farmhouse

 R9648 Derelict Stables

R9647 Derelict Barn

 R9649 Derelict Outhouse

Take two Derelict Farmhouses, the Outhouse, add one or two destroyed buldings from S&S and/or perhaps a destroyed church such as GameCraft Miniatures superb ruined church....

 ...... and you have an abandoned and contested village.


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  1. I like the The derelict buildings...very usefull.
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