Wednesday 15 June 2011

The Clampdown

With my rural terrain all but done - some winterised trees, a rail bridge and culvert should see it complete,  it's time to turn our creative energies to the urban "clampdown".

The Dropship 'dividend' in released time will allow me to get round to finishing my barricaded 'estate' in about a fortnights time. After that, it's a small but versatile inner city board.  
"The Clampdown", inspired by The Clash, obviously, will probably start as TEWTs using a Google street map of Worcester as 'Red' Felpersham whilst we work out the system. It will run something like this....

Maff will posit some trots in "safehouses". I attempt to locate them, then send in the snatch squads. I dig out the trots and the Humbers roll in. I suspect that a contact would develop very quickly – shove out some buildings/cars barricades etc and that’s what you see on the table.

Could even work in GEEZERS with a ham fisted arrest by the Flying Squad! Gives me a chance to go all Gene Hunt!  

I've got thirty or so 20mm riot troops an Internal Security Humber Pig, armoured Land Rovers, plus have some Saxons on the way...... just need some rioters - in bulk. 


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  1. The Clash should be playing permanently playing in the background during this game.