Thursday 23 June 2011

CWC Factors for Winter of '79

This is my 'Starter for 10' looking at Cold War Commander factors for Winter of '79. I've established a few more Infantry Unit types to cover a civil war in the UK and changed upgrades so that they increase the Attack Factor of the recipient rather than having weapon based Attack Factor.

Assigning Tactical Doctrine other than Guerrilla is a little problematical. British doctrine of the period, if indeed there was any, had changed little since WW2, and was NOT as flexible as is often portrayed and far closer to Rigid than we'd like to think. I would suggest that with the exception of Mob/Rioters, Police, Riot Police and Rebels - all other units operate as Fixed Formations and HQs can only issue commands to units in their own formations. At best, Tactical Doctrine should be Normal. You may want to give some units (especially Rebels) Flexible Doctrine according to scenario.

Morale is handled very simply in Cold War Commander and I would assign this by scenario. I will be giving  irregular forces, expecially Mob/rioters individual morale grades for each unit rather than as a whole for the force. With Mob/Rioters this will give the subtle variation neeed to turn some 'units' into more hardened political activists or insurgent group 'auxiliaries'.

Anyhoo, here are the factors as a starting point (excluding Patrols/Recce and Special Forces):

Infantry Unit - Mob/Rioters: Attack 1/5, Move 20, Hits 2, guerrilla tactical doctrine

Infantry Unit - Police Attack 2/1. Move 15, Hits 3

Infantry Unit - Riot Police, 2/5 Move 10, Hits 4

Infantry Unit - Para-Military, 2/20 Move 10, Hits 3

Infantry Unit - Militia/Volunteers, 2/20 Move 15, Hits 3

Infantry Unit - Rebels, 2 or 3/30, Move 15, Hits 4, guerrilla tactical doctrine

Infantry Unit - Territorial/Reservists, 2/30 Move 10, Hits 4

Infantry Unit - Regular, 3/30 Move 10, Hits 5

Infantry Unit - Para/Marine, 4/30 Move 10, Hits 5


Infantry Upgrade - GPMG/LMG: Attack +1 (or+2?)

(to give the unit additional GPMG/LMG per section)

Infantry Upgrade - 66mm LAW: Attack +1

Infantry Upgrade -  84mm Carl Gustav (MAW) +1

(Only 1 per platoon in non mechanised forces)

Infantry Upgrade - M16 Armalites/Ak47 etc: Attack +1/20

Infantry Upgrade - SMG: Attack +1/10 or +2 in close combat


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