Friday 24 June 2011

Force on Force Factors for Winter of '79

Unlike Cold War Commander, Force on Force by Ambush Alley Games is more scenario and situation focused from the start. As an experienced wargamer I can easily do the same with CWC but it's not as instantly intuitive as FoF.

Whilst a huge asset it's not perhaps quite so pick up and play as CWC for someone wishing to play Winter of '79 from a cold start. So let's take a look at creating some off the shelf suggested Troop Quality, Morale and Confidence Rating for the Force on Force gamer. Once again can I remind you that we are looking at the Factors within a sandbox created by Winter of '79 and making internal comparisons rather than trying to measure Royal Marines vs USMC or similar.

 The majority are likely to be TQ D6, Variable Morale, Low Confidence but a string of riots which create No Go Zones or see demonstratable success against the authorities may improve Confidence levels. A few 'agitators', trade union 'praetorians' or politically motivated trained insurgents may even have a TQ of D8 and High Confidence.

The average 1979 bobby on the beat linking arms on a picket line or being subjected to petrol bombs, bricks and bats TQ D6, Average Morale D8, Confident

Riot Police/ Armed Police / SPG/ Para-militaries etc:
TQ D6, Good Morale D10, High Confidence. In an urban disturbance game, maybe rising to TQ D8.

Armed Civilians/ Militia/ Local Volunteers etc:
TQ D6, Variable Morale, Low Confidence

TQ D6, Variable Morale, units with front-line roles more likely to be Average D8 to Good Morale D10. Support units D6-D8 Of course as the conflict wears on, it's more likely that they will gain the same experience as Regular formations. Variable Confidence depending upon the situation.

TQ D8 for frontline formatons such as Infantry, armour and artillery. Treat support corps as Territorials because whilst many served in Northern Ireland on foot patrol, and in Winter of '79 would end up on the streets of Birmingham and Glasgow, they would lack the focus and training of say a dedicated infantryman.
Morael Average D8 to Good D10.Variable Confidence depending upon the situation.

Royal Marines and Paras including Territorials/Reserves:
TQ D8, High Morale D12, High Confidence. 

SAS, SBS etc
TQ D10-D12: Personal choice. D12 is suitable for certain situations eg hostage rescue. High Morale D12, High Confidence

TQ D6-D8, Variable Morale, Variable Confidence

Now I realise that these broad classifications will set the fur flying because "2 Bumshires were every bit as good as 3 Para", etc etc  I know that my own unit was easily TQ D10, High Morale D12, and High Confidence and nobody is going to tell me otherwise - LOL! Seriously, these are just rough guidelines and probably more exclusive than inclusive. If you want to fluff a particular named unit, it's your game. Make the most of the factors to promote the uncertainty and personal confusion within a civil war.



  1. Thanks, I have been looking at doing that for Force on Force! Gives me somwhere to start from!

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  3. This is really useful. Now to download Force on Force regretting ever selling my original copy.