Friday 10 June 2011

Operation Dragon Fire


Owen “Garry” Owen

B. 1949 Llandyssul parents dec. unmarried 

Studied for BA History at UCW Aberystwyth 1968 – 1969, took years sabbatical to help father run farm on death of mother. Farm then sold by bank 1970. Returned to UCW Aberystwyth for final year. Runs for Dep President (Treasurer) Student Union  and serves during further sabbatical year. Achieved a reputation for savage over-reaction to poor treatment of students by banks. Applied to join University OTC but rejected after familiarisation weekend. Quote from file “I would not breed from this potential officer” – Capt. A. A..
Achieved 2nd class degree 1972  and then moved to Trinity College Carmarthen for a year to obtain Cert. Ed. 1973 resident Llandyssul, applying for teaching posts. 1975, teaching history at Maridunum Comprehensive Carmarthen and also joined TA Logistics Troop, Picton Barracks. Left after a year. Quote from file “not suitable for junior NCO selection – would be followed but only out of curiousity” – Maj B B (TA).

1976 to 1978 date, teaching. Currently unemployed. Believed by MI5 to be “Commandant Armed Forces Independent Wales” and author of “Rhyfel Yngh Cymru” (“War In Wales”), the overall strategy for the ongoing Welsh Insurgency.

Last known whereabouts: Penny Pinch Fm, Borsetshire

Top Priority. 

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