Friday 3 June 2011

Skaledale Derelict Farm

Hornby's Skaledale Derelict Farm has finally been released and is now available in their online shop.

This farm consists of a farm house (top left) £15.99, barn (top right) £19.99, outhouse/bothy (bottom left) £12.99 and stables (bottom right) £16.99.

There's just something about the house that reminds me of a British Army training estate....
I really like the boarded up windows - gives it a true air of being abandoned in a military area of operations or where law and order has broken down with the owners leaving to live with relatives in the nearby larger towns.

The stables provide an attractive and versatile  building that can be used within other existing Skaledale or similar farms. There's plenty of buildings in this state of disrepair on working farms around me.

I'm tempted to collect the farm house, bothy and stables, rounding it off with a DIY destroyed and partially collapsed Dutch barn. Again, many round here to base it on.

The painting on the preview pics doesn't look that great - but given the cost of the 'painted' model is only a little more than Airfix's unpainted resins, I think it's worth it. Nothing a wash of Devlan Mud won't fix!

Derelict Cottage No.1  is also available in the Ready To Paint range. At £10.95 not to be sniffed at. The classic but tired these days Dapol (ex-Airfix) Thatched Cottage kit is £4.69 (and the rest!).

If you want to represent something a bit more "Tea, cucumber sandwiches and hand grenade vicar" it's right up your street. I may get one sometime during the summer. There's a terraced house in this range too but at £12.blah,blah I think it is just that bit overpriced given that they could sell noodles of them.



  1. I think I'll check it out, thanks.

  2. These look wonderful. I bet they would work well in Alcovian towns as well.


  3. Very nice...a bit pricey but worth the money.
    paul does look like a British Army training estate....:-D