Sunday 5 June 2011

We've Come on Holiday By Mistake!

The classic, nay, iconic 1987 British movie Withnail & I is in one word - SCARY! - it reminds me far too much of sharing a flat with Matt back in my 20's.

You can't fail to love the Uncle Monty's country house 'Crow's Crag'. Otherwise known as Sleddale Hall, at Shap near Penrith. Dare I say, it's perfect for Winter of '79 and if I ever win the lottery, it will become the Winter of '79 Wargames Holiday Centre.

Now I've turned over Dropship Horizon to safe hands I intend to make 'Crows Crag' in 20mm. Reitre to my Winter of '79 estate so to speak. LOL. Carefully constructed there are potentially five unique buildings here  that could be used individually on the tabletop or brought together in different combinations.

Anyhoo, it's not going to be an immediate project. I have several Briitish AFVs to build - a troop of Fox's from S&S Models - plus some figures to convert and even some to sculpt. But a fun project to aim for once I'm confident of my scratchbuilding skills. I don't doubt there will be more than one version of 'Crows Crag' built until I'm satisfied.



  1. And no doubt, you'll have the finest wines available to humanity while you're at it.

  2. I didn't think many people actually knew Shap existed ;-)

    I have fond memories of the place, I stayed quite often at the Shap Wells Hotel back in the early 80s when my work took me up to that neck of the woods.

    If you do open up a wargames centre there, count me in as one of your customers can you ?

  3. Sigh....we don't have cool places like that in the US.