Saturday 11 June 2011

TAOR: Borsetshire in Review

Before we move forward let's take a step back and look at what we've created with our TAOR: Borsetshire exercise.

Not one single campaign system was used. Throughout I solely referred to LAND OPERATIONS: Volume III Counter Revolutionary Operations (Part 3), 1969 (revised 1973), and then superimposed it onto The Archers map of Borchester district. This could equally have been an AA routemaster map of Worcestershire.

And yet, with the same speed and purpose of the fictional operation we've placed our campaign arena within a national setting and local geographic context. We've given it key personages, major locations and strategic direction.

Without sweating over how many squaddies, tanks, guns, Garibaldi biscuits or tins of chicken supreme, we know that higher level command and operations are being directed from Felpersham. We've established there's a strong QRF, and a company base at Borchester that's a potential launching pad for smaller scale operations, or even a magnet for attack.

Does it actually matter how many men the Army has in Borsetshire, the composition, size of the population of Felpersham, number of round abouts etc? No. Remember games are the goal not the detail.

There's one scenario ready to play, the SAS raid on a suspect hideout. Plus we've laid out a whole range of potential game scenarios from highlighting the vulnerability of public utilities, transportation and commercial interests, to possible encounters by road bound patrols, incidents at VCPs, a riot in Borchester and an ambush on the moors.

A reverse at this stage could undermine the governments efforts, lower morale whilst boosting that of the insurgents and increasing their numbers.

We've created a sandbox plus the toys to play in it. All this and it's only just turned 9am on the the first day.


Excuse the tongue in cheek use of The Archers, but H. listens to it religiously every week and I really feel the need to do some house to house in Ambridge.


  1. Interesting approach, I look forward to seeing how it goes.

  2. To be honest, after the SAS raid on Penny Pinch Farm, we're jumping the action forward to bigger ding dongs in Wales. Paras vs the Free Welsh and once I've got my S&S Foxs completed, a 'thunder run' through the vallies!

    Meanwhile, back in Ambridge...... I mean, you have to fight over it, if only because of the interactive map on the BBC website!

    Brookfield Farm certainly needs a couple of Charlie 'G' rounds! LOL!


  3. Definately - I ran a very successful short "Sealion" campaign based on the Germany airborne invasion of Sodor, the home of Thomas the Tank Engine.

  4. Ambridge has my vote for a free fire zone. my parents listened relentlessly. As a small kid I did as well; by my early teens I hated it, by my mid teens I wanted The Bull strafed by soviet gunships and a T62 chasing Tom Forrest over the Village Green. Winter 79 is a dream come true and when my FV432's roll, the BBC had better play the "dramatic Archers theme".